Van Bakeliet Tot Composiet

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Moniek E. Bucquoye
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Composites. We hardly ever think about them, but we use them everyday. We play, work, fly, ride, eat, wear and build with them. We find them literally everywhere, in skis, surfboards, motor helmets, bicycles, canoes, and silverware. Formula 1 couldn't do without them. In fact, the car and motor industry, the space industry, the aeronautics industry, the building industry, the army, and the medical world can't make much without their material magic. Despite their indispensability, the creation and development of composites is hardly known. From Bakelite to Composite aims to correct this oversight by presenting the history of composites and their various types, processing techiniques and applications in the design and styling of masses of consumer goods. More than 200 illustrations reveal the strength, durability, and lightness of composites as found in furniture, lighting, sporting equipment, cars, and also artworks by Panamarenko. Tony Cragg, Niki de Saint-Phalle, and others. Published in cooperation with the Design Museum, Chent.

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